The 2013 Central Division Race: The Finale

Central Division Race Cards final


Rejoice Cardinal Nation!  Your St. Louis Cardinals have not only taken the NL Central Championship , but have also claimed the best record in the National League, and tied for the best record in the Majors!

The Cards swept both the Nationals and the Cubs winning 6 straight games, for the 2nd straight year crushing the Nationals postseason hopes and dreams.

They also beat out the Atlanta Braves for the 3rd straight season, by passing them up in the race for home field advantage all the way to the world series.

This year the MLB returns home field advantage to the traditional 2-2-1 format, instead of the awful 2-3 format.

The Reds and Pirates will face off on October 1st in a 1 game Wild Card playoff, with the winner going on to be destroyed, I mean, play the Cardinals.

Here’s to a long postseason!

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