2013 NHL Postseason Party

2013 Post Season Party web

Twenty one seasons straight of partying in the playoffs has hopefully come to a screeching halt for the Detroit Red Wings in Motor City as Hockey Town, gets ready to shuts down, until next season.

We here at the St. Louis Toast-Dispatch would like to say that it is only fitting that the aging Dead Wings put an end to the wild frat partying days and enjoy a more reasonable appropriate celebration…more fitting for the Wings aging, tired has beens – Johan Franzen, Todd Bertuzzi, and the rest of the squidwards.  Maybe a wild bingo party or a trip to Spain will do them good.

As True Blues fans we say with regret that the Wings have dominated over the past few decades. The last time Detroit was on the outside looking in …we were dancing to “Pump up the Jam” and wearing acid washed jeans.

Well let the NHL 2013 Playoff Party begin it should be a lot of fun.

Hopefully we can dance with L.A. again and send them home in a cab with a bad headache.

And it would really be wonderful if the next time the Dead Wings are in the NHL Playoff Party we are all wearing acid washed jeans again.

Amen Brother!


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