A-Rod Booed By Everyone In His Return


Alex Rodriguez played his first game at Yankee Stadium since October of last year.

With A-Rod facing a 211 game suspension, the people of New York know this will be their last chance to boo A-Rod for quite some time, so they are booing him with all they’ve got.

Alex Rodriguez was booed when his name was announced during pre-game warm-ups, he was booed when he came onto the field, he was booed when he came up for his first at bat, and was also booed when he struck out.

But the boos didn’t end at Yankee Stadium.  A-Rod was booed while driving home on highway 95 by other drivers who recognized the Yankee’s 3rd baseman.

He was even booed after saving a baby from a burning building, not only by the babies parents, and the crowd that had gathered, but even by the baby itself.  A-Rod was booed by the gardener trimming the hedges while entering his 500 million dollar mansion.

Finally, he received a phone call from his mother who gave a long boo, before slamming her the phone back on the receiver.


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