Amber Alert – Daren Pang Missing!


The St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting that the diminutive Daren Pang, Blues T.V. hockey announcer had missed the teams charter flight out of Tampa Bay late Sunday night.

Coach Hitchcock said “we landed in Montreal and I kept looking around the plane and I did not see Panger…at first that did not worry me because you usually cannot see Daren unless you are sitting right next to him”.

Hitchcock continued, “But what really got me worried is what I did not hear…”Holy Jumpin”.  Normally I hear that phrase at least 3 or 4 times per flight depending if it is a short flight or in the case of West Coast ride maybe 10+ times”.

After all attempts to reach Panger were of no avail…as a last resort the team issued an Amber Alert in the Tampa Bay area.

Update to this story: Breaking News – The Tampa Bay Lighting have released a statement saying that Daren Pang has been found and is currently being treated at the Tarpon Springs Medical Center in Tampa Bay, Florida for concussion like symptoms.

Apparently as Panger tells it he was mulling around Bishops goalie equipment while the big fellow was in the shower…when suddenly one of Bens goliath goalie pads fell forward off the bench and struck Daren on top of the head.

Panger said, the last thing I remember was hearing what sounded like a giant tree falling and then WHAM, it hit me, and then I was falling in slow motion toward the abyss of Bens goalie bag.

Panger said he woke up about 12 hours later and just calmly unzipped Big Bens bag and popped his head out and saw the Lightings equipment manager and said…Holy Jumpin…What’s for breakfast boys?

Mr. Bishop was polite enough to take a few minutes away from the morning skate to take this picture with Panger just before he was carted to the hospital for more x-rays.



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