The Ascension



­­­Jeremy Rutherford is tweeting that Elliott is getting the start against Ottawa.

This will make it 3 out of the last 4 games that have been started by Elliott.

What does this portend to be, pray tell?

Is Halak beginning his annual descent into backup oblivion through the usual injury / lack of focus issues?

Has the, “Lets make Halak the “starter” this year and build up his ego plan” been shelved?

Has the overwhelming evidence that Elliot is our true #1 starter risen so high that even Doug Armstrong’s massive ego cannot obscure that which has become crystal clear to all the non-Halakanites…that Brian “I ain’t your backup” Elliot is indeed a leader ready to lead his team to a championship?

Will this upcoming start and the many more that will follow finally end the siege laid upon the mind and heart of the Halakanites Grand Poobah – Jeremy “I love halak and always will even if he sucks sometimes” Rutherford?

Will some fastidious anal poster pick apart the fact that Elliot is spelled with 2 t’s and not one t?

This and many more questions have been resurrected by the usurping of Jaro and  the eventual ordination of the new King and Savior Bryan “I aint your backup” Elliottt.

– Amen Spell Check

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