Astros Set New MLB Record

Beer 2(Sing along) 999 bottles of beer in the stands, 999 bottles of beer. Knock one down, on top of a clown, 998 bottles of beer in the stands . . .

And so it was, as Jake Marisnick the center fielder for the Houston Astros went into the record books after being the 1,000th Houston player to be beer bombed at home in one year.

Jake said, “I saw it coming and thought, ‘Oh crap, I don’t want to be in the record books for this’, and then boom, it exploded at my feet.  After that I smelled like Craig Biggio at an Alumni event.”


The previous record was held by the Milwaukee Brewers whose fans tossed 999 beers on the home team on their way to losing to the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1982 World Series.

“I always say that we have the most knowledgeable baseball fans in the league, but really, I was not expecting this kind of response when it happened.” said Astros manager, A. J. Hinch.  “I didn’t even know they had a stat that kept track of how many beers fans had dropped on players, we are truly in an era of advanced statistics.”


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