Blues Bamboozle Fans With “Hat-Trick Ticket” Gimmick


NOTE: At the end of this article we lambast the St. Louis Blues for their poor marketing judgment.

The St. Louis Blues recently unveiled an elaborate ticket scheme, playing false to their loyal fans by requiring that this seasons Chicago Blackhawk / Detroit Red ticket purchases be a “Hat Trick” or more ticket.  In other words, if you (St. Louis Blues Fan) want to go to a Black Hawks or Red Wings game (Who Doesn’t) you will need to purchase three tickets for three separate future games.

See some of the crafty quotes below from the Front Office of the St. Louis Blues:

“The red-clad crowds have sometimes taken over the in-game atmosphere in the building to the point that when the Blackhawks or Red Wings have scored, the crowd has buzzed as loud as if the Blues netted the goal.”

Affleck says “the team is simply trying to curb the mass turnouts.”

“In essence, out-of-town fans are deterred from buying tickets because most aren’t likely to make two road trips to cities such as St. Louis and Nashville.”

“Our objective is to give our team the best home-ice advantage each and every game,”

Op-Ed from Lumpy Rutherford,

PLEAAAASSSSEEEE… Your objective is first and foremost to increase sales.  It does not matter to you who buys your tickets; if maggots that wore jerseys that said, “I love Eddie Belfour” purchased every last Blues regular season ticket available and they bought oodles of overpriced watered down beer, heaps of out-of-date nachos and after the game they all slimed their way into the Blues Gift Shop and procured $200 dollars worth of junk apiece …you would personally pass out autographed T. J. Oshie Meat Patties to all of them as they left the building and thank them for Bleeding Blue!

This has nothing to do with Home-Ice-Advantage and has everything to do with Cold Hard Cash.

– Amen Brother

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Lumpy Rutherford
Lumpy Rutherford is the head writer for the Toast Dispatch. His favorite topics are St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jeremy Rutherford and former Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak.
  • westc2

    huh?…but ya hawks / wings fans will just buy a 3-game ticket package and sell the other tickets online…the preds /blues owners are living in the 90’s still…there’s still going to be a sea of red at the games. I honestly don’t care. It makes the games fun when there’s a lot of fans of the opposing team. It’s still way louder when the blues score a goal.

    • Toast Dispatch

      Yeah, this “keep the red out” campaign is pretty ineffective, just go to StubHub and you can buy single game tickets, normally for less than TicketMaster prices!

  • wasteofweb

    You’re just sooooo wrong on this one. The Blues are a money making organization like the rest. So? If they were as greedy as you state, then explain how they offer based on avg price, some of the lowest priced playoff tickets in the league?
    The idea is great, how the Blues org went about the execution was wrong. They need to implement what Nashville did w/ the playoff tickets which worked. You can take the time and research that on your own ad I did how Nashville was so successful. Columbus and Minnesota need to implement it also.