Blues Beat Reporter Uncovers Fake Halak Twitter Account

Sherlock Rutherford

It is a sad day in Blues-land my fellow fans, a fake account was made for Blues back-up goaltender Jaroslav Halak… And for once we had nothing to do with it!

The fake Twitter account (@JaroslavHalak41) had over 1,000 followers in the first 2 hours after it had been created.

Blues beat writer / investigative reporter, Jeremy Rutherford, discovered the fake account.





When we asked Rutherford what the first clue was, he replied: “Well my dear Watson, obviously, the first clue was when I looked at his Twitter profile description,  there was no mention of his incredible playoff run with the Montreal Canadians in 2010. He only mentioned that he was the Blues goaltender, very curious…”

“From that” Continued Rutherford, “I was able to deduce one of two things, one, this account was a fake, or two, Halak had recently had a very bad fall again and strained his groin, which is ultimately attached to his brain… thus causing him to forget his 2010 playoff heroics.”

At this point Rutherford’s assistant Watson interjected “Brilliant, Rutherford! Brilliant!”

“Then, for final confirmation of my suspicions, I thought it prudent to call Jaro Baby, and asked him if he was on Twitter, Jaro told me he hates Twitter, and MySpace is where it’s at.”

The Toast Dispatch is reporting that Jaroslav Halak is currently in the mental institution for the socially out of date.  You can visit him in room 41 of the MySpace wing.


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