Blues Players Mystified as to What Lies Beyond Round 2


The St. Louis Blues debate what horrors await them in the Western Conference Finals.

As the St. Louis Blues prepare for Game 6 against the Dallas Stars, they find themselves on the cusp of reaching the Western Conference Finals, a place the vast majority of the roster has never been.

There was much confusion and speculation in the Blues locker room as to what awaited the team in the 3rd round.  Young rookies Robby Fabbri and Colton Parayko held the opinion that the Conference Finals was a magical promised land of high scoring chances, hat-tricks and not a referee in sight.


Who let that college professor onto the plane with the Blues? Hey, wait a minute… that’s Jay Bouwmeester!

Grizzled veterans like David Backes and Jay “College Professor” Bouwmeester however warned that life in the next round would be no cake walk, and talked of a hellish nightmare ruled by Tim Peel himself, where the calls were made up and the goals don’t matter.

When asked his opinion on the matter, head coach Ken Hitchcock was quick to assure us that no matter what the Blues found there, he was sure they had enough grit, determination and buy-in to beat the snot out of it.

In the middle of all this stood recent addition to the team, Troy Brouwer, who had begun to wonder if he was the only rational player left on the team.

Don’t worry Brouwer, we’ll write an article about you soon enough.

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