Brian Elliott and Doug Armstrong talk after resigning Elliott


The following is a recorded phone conversation of Brian Elliott and Doug Armstrong shortly after the Blues resigned Elliott to a three year deal.

Doug Armstrong: Hey Brian, I’ve got some news for you.

Brian Elliott: What is it Doug?

Doug Armstrong:  We’ve resign you instead of Miller!

Brian Elliott: Yay!  Does that mean I get to be the number 1 goalie now?

Doug Armstrong: Not quite, I know you’ve been with this team the last three years, and you saved our butts the first two years when Halak collapsed, but we’re bringing up an AHL goalie so you can be a tandem again!  Fans love it when I say tandem!

Brian Elliott: *hangs up*

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  • Joshua Peterson

    I don’t think it’s that bad. I think it’s more that Elliot will share playing time like 75/25 in the regular season and then be our go-to for the playoffs. We need Allen to see time, he has a lot of potential and once he gets used to the NHL, I think he will be a shutout goalie.