Canadian Teams Give Up Trying to Beat Blues

Canadian teams in the corner

“Lets face it…” The Calgary Flames said, “We haven’t beat the Blues in regulation all season, no Canadian team has beat them in regulation even once this year!”

The Winnipeg Jets had a similar viewpoint.  “Seems like we are getting our butts kicked… I mean, ‘playing’ them every other week.”

Canadian teams are not the only ones having trouble against the Blues, in fact, the entire Eastern Conference dreads playing the them.  The Blues have the best record in the league against Eastern Conference teams.

When asked how they would approach tonight’s impending doom, the Flames responded: “Maybe we can call Mr. Bettman and explain to him that we are a larger market than the Blues, and as such, we should be allowed an advantage…  Refs calling invisible penalties on the Blues seems to have little to no effect, maybe we could be allowed 7 players on the ice at all times… and three goalies, yeah!  That might work!”

Meanwhile in the Western Conference, the Chicago Blackhawks have had their schedule arranged so that they will have at least four more games played than the Blues until the end of the season, so their lesser play can still make them look like they are dominating the Central Division.


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