Cardinals Caught Stealing Signs from L.A.


Los Angeles Dodger manager, Don Mattingly has provided MLB with a shocking photo, exposing the St. Louis Cardinals in the act of stealing a sign from L.A..

“I knew it, I just knew it” said an elated Don Mattingly.

“I said they were stealing signs, Mark McGwire said they were stealing signs, Vin Scully said they were stealing signs, Kanye West said they were stealing signs, everybody knew it, we just needed the evidence…and now we have it”.

Don, was not however, able to easily explain the connection between Clayton Kershaw’s infamous seventh inning implosions in game one and game four of last years NLDS, and the unsubstantiated snapshot of Yadier Molina and Matt Carpenter purportedly stealing the Dodger Stadium exit sign.

Could it be the Cardinals are stealing signs?

The verdict: Well apparently they are…but, just not the type the signs Mattingly insists they have been pilfering.

Looks like Mattingly will just need to keep looking for explanations, any explanation other than…The St. Louis Cardinals have owned the Dodgers in the Playoffs for a very long time.

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