Cardinals Caught Stealing

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Mike Leake ponders the question of why someone with a major league salary would bother shoplifting a $25 t-shirt.

Cardinals pitcher Mike Leake was arrested for the second time in the last 5 years for an attempted 5 finger sale at a downtown Macy’s department store Friday, accused of trying to steal a t-shirt with a total value of $25.49.

On Saturday, the 28-year-old starter was booked at the Pittsburgh County Justice Center on a first-degree misdemeanor charge of shoplifting, but was immediately released when the patrol Captain Cameron McDuff realized that Mike Leake was a St. Louis Cardinal.

When reporters asked the Patrol Captain if he was showing preferential treatment to a major league baseball player, he simply responded: “anyone that knows baseball, knows… the Cardinals don’t steal“.

Exhibit A - The t-shirt Mike Leake was caught shoplifting.

Exhibit A – The t-shirt Mike Leake was caught shoplifting – or, your new favorite t-shirt, available in our online store.

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