Cardinals Fans Take to “Rosenthalling” to Cope With Close Games


Trevor Rosenthal has inadvertently started a new trend, dubbed “Rosenthalling”.

The following is a guest post by Will Hanke.

As the Cardinals finish out the remaining games of the 2015 season, many fans are having trouble keeping their confidence high – especially when it comes to closing pitchers.

The Cardinal faithful have reason to express their discomfort, too. In the last few games, closing pitchers have been far less than stellar – often allowing multiple batters to reach base before either recording the final out, or giving up a Grand Slam.

“It makes me really nervous,” says Cardinals fan Jason Schmidt, “why can’t they just get three outs and be done with it?”

The marketing team in the Cardinals front office, however, thinks it’s terrific.

“It’s great having some extra excitement in the game,” says Travis Stone, Cardinals Brand Manager. “No one wants to leave early and miss out, fans are really glued to their seats…”

“Although, that may be thanks in part, to the glue we put on the seats…”  Added Stone.

Adding to the craziness, Cardinals pitcher Trevor Rosenthal has even inadvertently started a new trend – dubbed “Rosenthalling” – where people don’t directly finish items on their to-do list – opting instead to drag out the last few minutes by adding in a few minor mis-steps.

“Last night I left the pork steaks on just a few minutes longer. My wife was freaking out saying they’d be burnt – but I grabbed them off at the last second and they were fine,” said Cards fan Billy Tepsinsky. “I told her she just got Rosenthalled – and we both had a good laugh.”

The Cardinals front office did not have a comment about the new trend – and it is our hopes that the Cardinals don’t get Rosenthalled any time soon.

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