Cardinals introducing opt-outs for fans to make up for losing Heyward

Heyward burns jersey

Heyward, angry at himself for signing with the Chicago Cubs, joins other Cardinals fans in burning his own jersey.

Yesterday, Jason Heyward signed a contract with the Chicago Cubs, worth $184M over 8 years.

The former Cardinal then joined other St. Louis fans in burning their Heyward jerseys. 

Even more surprising than Heyward signing with the Cardinals arch rival however, is the fact that his new contract includes not one, but two-opt out clauses he can use to jump ship from the Cubs team, the first opt-out is available after just three seasons.

The Cardinals, in an attempt to make it up to their fans, are introducing opt-outs for visitors at Busch Stadium.

“We think this is a great option for fans.” Said Büy Nike, the VP of Marketing and Sales. “Say it’s the 5th inning, we’re losing and you don’t like our odds of coming back, you can opt-out of your ticket purchase and get a prorated refund.”

This doesn’t only apply to tickets, the Cardinals are also giving fans the ability to opt-out on concession foods like half eaten pretzels, hotdogs and sodas.  The leftovers will be re-stocked and available for purchase at a discounted rate.

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