Cardinals Looking For Even More Young Players


The Cardinals have many young phonemes on their team this year, their roster features young guns such as Michael Wacha, Shelby Miller and Trevor Rosenthal.

But Cards GM John Mozeliak isn’t finished yet, rumor has it that he has sent out scouts to little league games in St. Louis in hopes of finding another specialty pitcher to add to the bullpen.

“Wacha is just 22 years old, and Miller is 23…” Said Mozeliak, “So we figured, ‘Hey, what’s a few years younger?’ that’s when we started scouting Little League games, we found this one 5 year old named Bobby Smith.  He’s got the most amazing ERA I’ve ever seen.  We think he might work out great as a 7th inning guy,  Bobby’s ERA may have something to do with him being in the Tee-Ball league, but I think we’re onto something.”

The Cardinals plan to offer an entry level 1 year contract to Bobby Smith, consisting of a complete set of Topps 2014 baseball cards and a pack of bubble gum.


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