Cubs Fans Getting That Old Familiar Sinking Feeling


This year will be different, they said.  Back to the Future II says we’ll go all the way, they said.  It’ll be fun, they said.

Cubs fans thought this was the year the suffering would end, no more would they be cursed, they believed.  “Jake ‘I had one good year’ Arrieta will surely lead us to the promised land”, Cubs fans told themselves.

However it was not to be, as the Cubs are down 3-0 against the Mets in the NLCS, and have looked helpless against the Mets young pitching staff.

Yes, for loyal Chicago fans, bandwagon fans, and TBS announcers everywhere, that old familiar sinking feeling is settling in.

Lifelong Cubs fan Bill Goaterson told us: “At first it wasn’t so bad, we lost Game 1, we could come back, we lost Game 2, still no big deal, then we lost Game 3 at Wrigley, and I suddenly remembered who I was.  I’m a Cubs fan, misery and failure is just part of the deal.”

“I’m a Cubs fan, misery and failure is just part of the deal.”

– Bill Goaterson

Despite the fact they will be coming home without any hardware to show for it, the Cubs still want to commemorate making the post-season this year.  They have announced plans to replace the new scoreboard in left field with a permanent banner that reads: “2015 Playoff participants – We tried”

This new feature of Wrigley Field, commemorating their greatest achievement since 1908, will be unveiled on Opening Day next season.

we tried cubs banner

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