Cubs Throw Pajama Party to Celebrate Being Shutout in Back-to-Back Games



The Chicago Cubs gather on-field at Dodger Stadium for a team photo after being blown out in Game 3 of the NLCS 6-0.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon continued his unorthodox coaching ways after his team lost Game 3 of the NLCS 6-0 last night, throwing another Pajama Party for his team.

“I think it’s important the boys have something to celebrate”  Said Maddon.  “If that something is the fact that we just got shutout in back-to-back postseason games for the first time in franchise history, so be it.”

As the Playoffs have progressed, Maddon has begun looking more and more like the creepy uncle no one wants to talk to at family reunions.Joe Maddon evolving into a creepy uncle

All season long the Cubs partied their way to a Central Division title and into the NLCS.  One step away from the World Series however they are beginning to lose sight of the ultimate prize.

Young Cubs star Kris Bryant told us: “Winning the World Series…  that sounds nice and all, but who needs a trophy when you have these dope PJs, dude?”

“Winning the World Series…  that sounds nice and all, but who needs a trophy when you have these dope PJs, dude?”

– Kris Bryant


Cubs ace pitcher Jake Arrieta went only 5.0 IP in the loss, while giving up 4 runs on 6 hits, 2 of those runs coming from HRs.  During the afterparty, he could be found attempting to drink his woes away.

We asked Maddon if he had a guidebook he followed.

Jake Arrieta drinks away his sorrows after a game 3 loss

Maddon left us with these insightful words: “When I joined the Cubs, I was given a book written by the great Dusty Baker, and told to follow it, one thing I’ve learned from that book, besides always having a toothpick in your mouth, is that at the end of the day, it’s not about if you win or lose, it’s about if you had fun.  And I think this team has had a whole lot of- …  Whoops, hold up, that’s the Little League Coach’s handbook!  I thought there was something wrong when the handbook said to take the team out for pizza after a win!”

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