Cubs Welcome Back Bartman and the Billy Goat

The St. Louis Cardinals are a team with a long, storied history, and as such, bring many traditions with it.

Just like peanuts and Crackerjacks, the majestic Budweiser Clydesdales and winning just go together.

The Budweiser Clydesdales run around the track at Busch Stadium before the St. Louis Cardinals-Cincinnati Reds baseball game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis on April 8, 2013.    UPI/Bill Greenblatt

The Budweiser Clydesdales run around the track at Busch Stadium before Game 1 of the NLDS

Cubs manager Joe Maddon said: “Before game 1, when they trotted out those massive Clydesdales, I was just like, ‘woah’.  Some of our players started complaining and asking ‘why doesn’t Chicago have a pregame tradition like that?'”

Maddon wholeheartedly agreed with his players, that the great city of Chicago needed to one-up St. Louis and it’s Clydesdales.

“We’ll kill two birds with one stone.” Quipped Maddon, “We’ll lift the curse, by bringing that damned billy goat back on the field, and, at the same time, make amends for the unfair treatment that Steve Bartman received.  I know this is going to be an unpopular move, but come on, the ball was foul!  Alou never had a chance at it!”

Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts told Maddon, “No way!  I’ve already spent too much on all this Playoff Bunting.”  Until Joe Maddon volunteered to be on pooper-scooper duty, and he had a sudden change of heart.

We’ll have to see how this new tradition unfolds in Chicago.




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