‘Self-De-Terminator’ on hold?


Debate to stop killer robots takes global stage!

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots publicly launched April 23 with the goal of bringing the discussion about autonomous weapons systems to regular people, not just politicians and scientists.

Also this month, the United Nations Special Rapporteur recommended a suspension of autonomous weapons — or “lethal autonomous robotics” — until their control and use is discussed in detail.

“Our feeling is that [it is] morally and ethically wrong that these machines make killing decisions rather than humans [making] killing decisions,” Stephen Goose, director of the arms division at the Human Rights Watch, told NBC News.

When asked by a the New York Times reporter “In regards to the individuals being targeted by the Armed Robots…Do you think it matters to them, the ones being targeted, who are about to be killed by the armed robot, that it is an autonomous robot snuffing out their life and not another human being extinguishing them?  Is not the result the same?”

The U.N. had no comment.

The group clarifies that it isn’t anti-robot, or anti-autonomy — or even anti-drone. It’s just that when a decision to kill is made in a combat situation, they want to ensure that decision will always be made by a human being…  a loving, compassionate, nationalistic human being with a “well-trained” conscience that knows the difference between electing to kill with a weapon, or preferring to kill with a robot who has the weapon.

Also, when the robots do eventually become “Fully Autonomous Weapons” do those robots then have the choice to become gay killer robots… if this is the lifestyle they desire?

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots said they had no plans of changing their name to “The Campaign to Stop Gay Killer Robots”…“We are not anti-robot, or anti-autonomy or even anti-drone…but even more importantly we are not and will never be, anti-gay-killer-robots”.

– Amen Autonomous

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