Doctor Forcibly Removed From United Center in Chicago


The Madhouse on Madison gets even madder when United Airlines takes over security for the night.

After being forcibly removed from his United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville Kentucky, the unnamed Doctor reportedly attempted to calm his nerves and catch a Chicago Blackhawks game while he waited for his next flight.

The man purchased a ticket at the box office, and made his way to his assigned seat, stopping to purchase some concessions along the way.  Immediately after the National Anthem, however, his section was approached by an usher who stated that the game had been overbooked, and they needed four volunteers to leave their seats so Patrick Kane’s family and previously assaulted cab drivers could sit and watch.  Obviously, there were no takers.

Witnesses say shortly thereafter 2 security guards came and forcibly removed the man from his assigned and purchased seat at the United Center, cries of “This is my seat!”, “But I paid for it!” and “NOT AGAIN!” could be heard.

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