EA Sports NHL 15 Cover Vote Doesn’t Really Count Your Votes


EA Sports had announced that the fans voted Patrice Bergeron the winner of round 2, but on a whim changed their minds and declared T.J. Oshie as the winner.

We want to apologize to Mr. Bergeron for the Tallying gaffe.

In a completely unrelated story, Patrice Bergeron was arrested late last night in a drug raid at his mansion in Boston.

In a very related story:  EA Sports  sets up the NHL15 Cover Vote as bogus contest to create buzz for it’s new upcoming NHL 15 game and collect email addresses to resell on the open market while at the same time pretending to “count votes” from faithful fans and theoretically using these votes to decide the winner of the spurious cover contest.

Read in Part the Official Terms and Conditions below:

3. How to Participate: During each Voting Period visit http://covervote.nhl.com (the “Site”) and follow the links and …Blah, blah, blah…

Participants may vote as many times as they want during each Voting Period. Sponsor will consider” the voting results when choosing the NHL player to be featured on the cover of the NHL 15 video game, but Sponsor will not be obligated to abide by such results in making its decision.

Click here to see the PDF document from the site: http://covervote.nhl.com/public/fulfillment/rules.pdf

Tweet #NHL15CoverVoteDeceit – Let them know what you think of their duplicity.

– Amen Con

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