Fox Sports Unveils New ‘Features’

Fox Sports

“In response to the “great” feedback we have received over these first few games of the NHL season about our ticketer, we have decided to add even more to clutter your screen!”  Said a Fox Sports representative.

“We have added our logo all up and down both sides of your screen, so you will never forget what channel you are watching! Arn’t we just so helpful?  Also in the middle of the screen will be a nice big logo of our ‘sponsor of the period'”

When asked if this would get in the way of the viewing experience, the representative laughed and said  “Viewing experience?  HA!  What’s that?”

In addition to all this extra clutter, Fox has also added sponsors to nearly every aspect of the game, for example, after an icing the announcer will be required to say “This icing call was brought to you by Bob’s Ice Cubes.”

There are also rumors of Fox Sports digitally editing in their logo at center ice instead of the Blues logo.

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