Gary Bettman Falls Asleep During Triple OT Thriller


NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was at last night’s thrilling game, Mr. Bettman however was not entertained.

Bettman was tired, confused and throughout the night was heard asking questions such as: “Where’s Crosby?”, “What’s a Reaves?” and “Can I get back to counting my money now?”.

At the start of overtime Bettman decided to take a nap, and was very annoyed to be woken up two overtimes later by the crowd erupting when the Blues scored the game winner in the 3rd OT.

“I understand you are hockey fans and all,” Began Gary, “but can’t you guys cheer a little softer?  I’ll have to add to the next CBA that fans can’t cheer louder than a excited whisper when I am at the game.”

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