Google Now Requires Your Credit Card and Social Security Number


There has been a lot of outrage lately over YouTube accounts being forcibly merged with Google+ accounts, which forces you to use your real name on YouTube and makes your account far more difficult to manage.

That is a small worry though compared to Google’s latest demands… err. I mean “announcement”.

You now have to provide your credit card and social security numbers to Google in order to use any of their products, which includes Gmail, Google Drive and even the search engine.

“We’ve already been stealing all your other information” Said Google CEO Larry Page, “So we figured why not just go all the way and get your credit card info as well!”

Larry Page then proudly held up a credit card with the name “Bill Gates” on it and declared “Microsoft is going down.”, then dropped to his knees and yelled “PLEASE USE GOOGLE+! I’M BEGGING YOU!”.

He was taken to a mental institution shortly thereafter.

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