Halakapella Breaks Up!


Halakapella is a group of St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports writers – who, over the last three plus years, have sung the praises of Jaroslav Ugene Halak. The a cappella group was formed in 2010 by the lead baritone singer Jeremy Rutherford to provide cover for average-to-slightly-below-average goaltending.

Some of their more memorable tunes were: “You Know He Would Like to Have That One Back” and “I Am (Injured)”, followed up by a compilation album chart buster “I’m Injured (Again)”.  One of my personal favorites is “One More Soft Goal For the Road”.

The Halakapella’s broke up recently when the group’s leader, Jeremy Rutherford, had creative differences with Jeff Gordon, the band’s tenor.

Rutherford said:  “I still enjoy singing praises about Halak but the rest of the group just want to get drunk on a case of Miller.”

PS:  We are 99% sure this is our last Halak article, however he is the Sara Palin / SNL of St. Louis sports.

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Lumpy Rutherford
Lumpy Rutherford is the head writer for the Toast Dispatch. His favorite topics are St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jeremy Rutherford and former Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak.