Hawks or Kings? Pick Your Poison


The Blackhawks beat the kings 3 – 2 to go up 3 games to 1 in the western conference finals.

This would normally make Blues fans groan in agony, however, seeing as the Hawks ARE playing the LA Kings, who are likely the most hated team in St. Louis right now, it is not a bad thing to wish for the Hawks to draw royal blood from the hated Kings.

It’s not just that the Blues have been eliminated for two years straight by the Kings.

It’s the overall style of play the LA Kings use.

The knee on knee hits from Dustin Brown that happen far too often at critical moments to be dismissed as accidental any longer.

The antics of Johnathan Quick, such as attempting to mix football with hockey by tackling anyone within a 8 foot radius of his crease.

The non-calls that the refs don’t hand out, yet relentlessly dish out other penalties to the opposing team for minor infractions. It’s as if every time they think of giving the Kings a penalty Brian Sutter gives the ref a glare that says “call that and I will run you over with my tractor in the off-season… I may do it anyways, but I will do it for sure if you put us on the PK.”

It’s these things that have forced me to root for the long time rival Blackhawks.

Well, Just for this round. When it’s time for the final act and the Cup is the prize, I will most likely be rooting for the eastern conference.

Who do you want to see move on to the Finals? Kings or Hawks? Pick your poison.

Who do you want to win this round?

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