HBO Wants Google To Takedown VLC


HBO has issued a copyright claim to Google demanding them to remove VLC, what gives HBO, a cable TV channel, the right to request the removal of VLC, a popular open source video player?

HBO’s CEO replied, “Since we produce TV shows, all that footage belongs to us, right?  so we need to make sure that no one can watch our content, without paying for our TV channel, so logically, we can demand that any program that COULD be used to watch our content, is a copyright infringement, and must be destroyed by fire and brimstone!”

Their CEO continued, “We are issuing copyright claims to Apple Quicktime, Windows Media Player, and YouTube next week.  After all those programs and websites are removed, we will then release our new product, HBO-Online, it’s like VLC, but with our branding.”

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Lumpy Rutherford
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