History Museum Opens Up Halakanites Exhibit


I could not believe my eyes yesterday. I was visiting the History Museum and came across this exhibit!

This act of preservation for posterity will allow the next generation of St. Louis Blues fans to know their history, and perhaps learn not to repeat it.

Below is a snippet from the History Museum’s website:

Step back in time to an era of indifferent and unpredictable goaltending and the mysterious “Blue Flu”.  A real-life story about a mid-market Midwest NHL team, by the name of the St. Louis Blues.  Created by the National Constitution Center Against Average to Slightly Below Average Goaltending.

HALAKANITES: The Rise and Fall of a Goaltender, the first comprehensive exhibition about America’s most colorful and complex trade hiccup.  Spanning from the dawn of the Armstrong Movement, through the Roaring 2014 Season, to the unprecedented run to the Stanley Cup, this world-premiere exhibition brings the whole story of the now extinct Halakanites vividly to life.

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Lumpy Rutherford
Lumpy Rutherford is the head writer for the Toast Dispatch. His favorite topics are St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jeremy Rutherford and former Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak.
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