Hull Hawking Tickets – Rated ‘P’ For Profit


OUCH…that press conference was embarrassing.

The greatest player to ever wear the Blue Note was reduced to a street vendor Hawking luxury box suites and 16 game packs for the St. Louis Blues.

Hey, we here at the St. Louis Toast Dispatch get it.  Hire Brett Hull, throw him and his sticks out on the best Golf tracks in St. Louis with the Captains of Industry, and as quick as you can say, “He Shoots, He Scores”…you have a rock solid corporate ticket base on which to pay Pietranglo and future stars.

Nothing wrong with that strategy.  The problem is, the Joe blows watching the live event on T.V. and the fans who took the Metro link to come see the Golden Brett do not have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on 16 Luxury Box seats / 16 game packs / 16 ounce sodas.

So there was no need to have Brett, Kirbs and anyone else who took the microphone last night directly or indirectly mention purchasing tickets to people who cannot afford them.

That is like driving all of your friends to the mall and pointing at the stuff you want them to buy for your birthday, that you know they do not have enough money to purchase.

Did you notice the Boos from the Blues fans in the background when Kirbs mentioned the practice times…yipes!…right in front of the owner and Hull.

Also, the awkward laugh when Kirbs announced the 16 pack ticket plan…then Kirbs had to say…”I am serious” before people stopped laughing.

Brett Hull is always going to be Brett Hull and I am confident he has some fire left in his belly and is going to put a stop to the bush league marketing and find a way to bring some class back to some recent classless moves from the front office / marketing monkeys.

– Amend Brother

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