Introducing the #STLBlues Twitter Cup!


The bracket for the 1st annual #STLBlues Twitter Cup. Click to see a larger image.

The Toast Dispatch is excited to present the 1st annual #STLBlues Twitter Cup!

We’ve taken 16 of the best Blues Twitter accounts and pitted them against each other in a winner takes all playoff bracket.  You can vote on Twitter starting Tuesday November 14th, each matchup will be tweeted out in a poll that will run for 2 days.

Participants are encouraged to promote their matchup, toot their own horns, run smear campaigns against their opponents… the works.  We’ll be posting updates after each round, tweet us your thoughts / opinions / predictions and we might include your tweet in our articles.

To take part in this landmark historic event, get on Twitter and follow us @ToastDispatch, watch for polls to be released around noon tomorrow!

It’s at this time we’d like to point out that @NotBarile is for raising taxes, bigger government and less beer.  Vote for @ToastDispatch.  (this message was paid for and approved by

Lastly we’d like to tell anyone who was not included in this year’s #STLBlues Twitter Cup it’s because we hate you and don’t think you’re funny or worth following.  (Only kidding, we were limited to 16 accounts and some sacrifices had to be made.  A moment of silence please for @FabbrisHair and @STLBluesHistory, two of the more notable exclusions.)


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