iOS 7: The Flat Side


This year at WWDC; Apple has given us a lot of new info about iOS 7 in just the first day of this conference.

Siri is getting updates that let it integrate with Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing.

Overhauled apps such as Weather, Camera, Photos and more.

But the biggest difference in this iOS is the new interface.

“It’s flat.” said CEO of Apple Tim Cook. “Most interfaces that are flat these days are just not flat enough, when we decided to make iOS 7 flat, we wanted to make it so flat, that paper would be jealous of us!”

They appear to have surpassed that goal already, shortly after the announcement and unveiling of iOS 7, Apple was flooded with emails from the likes of Office max, Office Depot and NASA demanding how they managed to make something so flat, and if they could perhaps share some of this technology with them for better space shuttle designs in the future.

After Apple explained that it was in fact impossible to recreate something to be so flat in real life, interest from these groups quickly slowed.  However Apple told NASA they would be happy to provide a special version of Siri for use on the International Space Station, that could answer questions such as:

  • Are we going to crash?
  • Is there any dried Ice-Cream left in the freezer?
  • Read me some Vogon poetry. (Or don’t. Preferably don’t.  Unless you are feeling suicidal…)

Apple also gave us a sneak peak at what first looked like Apple’s first move into the Coffee machine industry, but we soon found out that it was in fact the All-New Mac Pro. Bringing support for 4K displays, 1 Million Tera-Flop Hard Drives, and as an added bonus, 3 Apple stickers are included instead of the standard 2! Amazing!

What are you most excited about so far at WWDC?

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