Jobs The Movie: Spoilers


You’ve probably heard about this new movie coming out soon, staring Aston Kutcher as Steve Jobs…

Steve Jobs died two years ago in 2011, there are reasons people normally wait a few decades before a movie is made about a famous person, the biggest reason being is that since Steve Jobs died fairly recently, there will be no plot twists that we didn’t see coming.

Just to be sure that the movie can’t surprise you, here is a list of plot complications that you will see in Jobs the movie.

  • Steve Jobs will found Apple (Didn’t see that coming?)
  • He will be fired from Apple
  • He will come back to Apple and invent the iPhone and everyone will love him again
  • He dies, at… the end of the movie… (Shocking right?)

Jobs will be showing in Apple stores around the world, starting on August 16th, with it’s world premiere at Apple Headquarters in California.

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