Keep the green out


Well Mr. Afleck…what do you think of your “Keep the Red Out” stratagy?

Disclaimer: We here at the St. Louis Toast Dispatch…never bought into the idea that the Blues true motive was to keep fans / fans with disposable income / Hawk fans out of the stadium. (The real plan was to have an excuse to force Blues fans to purchase more tickets than they wanted to…betting that your “True Blue Fan” would certainly pay for 2 more games for the chance to see a Blues – Hawks matchup”)

Well Mr. Afleck…what do you think of your “Keep the Red Out” stratagy?

Oh…no comment…I understand.

You must have felt that you had a pair of donkey ears on during the 3,000+ Missing In Action fans that where not at the game last night.

So it looks like your “Keep The Red” out campaign has changed to the “Keep The Green – Money” out campaign.

Talk about the proverbial – BACKFIRED….

Mr. Afleck….please man up and return to a more traditional ticket model…you know…it goes like this:

Hey you want to go to the Hawks game next week….yeah…sounds great….let’s get online and buy some tickets for the Hawks game…

Please stop trying to re-invent the wheel.

You have plenty of ways to still pull the maximum amount coinage out of our pockets…stick with those and put a great team on the ice and you will be doing your job…which is to “KEEP THE GREEN” coming in.

– Amen Benjamin Franklin

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