Ken Hitchcock Confused by “Pi Day”

Hitchcock Pie

It’s no secret that Blues head coach Ken Hitchcock has a love for food, especially foods that originate from the dessert table.  It should be no surprise then, that when Hitchcock heard March 14th was “Pi Day”, he was understandably excited.

“I expected Pie Day to be like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘, but with, you know, more pies.” Bemoaned a disgruntled Hitchcock. “You can imagine my surprise when I went downtown this morning with my favorite pie fork in hand, and found a bunch of nerds solving math problems.”

The starving coach continued: “The nerds were nice and tried to include me, but when they got into radiuses, it reminded me of pie and I got hungry.  They also lacked grit and determination, and I didn’t see anyone dump the puck in even once, so I lost interest pretty quickly.”


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