Koji Uehara Injured In Red Sox Celebration



The Boston Red Sox World Series celebration was soiled when Sox pitcher Koji Uehara was unfortunately injured in the midst of last nights revelry.

Immediately after striking out Matt Carpenter for the final out Koji Uehara sprung into the air and commenced the time honored victory celebration.

When suddenly, out of nowhere, appearing from the cool brisk Boston night sky came a enormous white commode.

Team mate Mike Napoli said “I saw Koji pointing straight up in the air and I thought he was screaming Party, but evidently he was yelling Potty”.

Team surgeon Patrick Privy was confident that the can could be removed without having any long term affects on Koji’s pitching career.

Fenway park security immediately seized a highly intoxicated man in the upper deck by the name of Michael Kohler who apparently was a life long Cardinals fan.

As he was being escorted away by the Boston police he reportedly chirped “They had been crowned as World Series Champs…and I just wanted to give them a throne to sit on”

– Amen John

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