Korea Launches Naval Assault on Blues!

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At 10:01am GMT time the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un ordered a nuclear strike on the Scott Trade Center.

The nuclear missile was launched via UPS Ground.

It is expected to arrive in St. Louis by April 27th around 10:00pm to coincide with the last Blues game of the year.

The Toast-Dispatch has their North Asia correspondent in Ping Pong with this update…

Toastdispatch: Kim what were you thinking when you launched that missile?

Kim Jong-un: To tell you the truth…I was going to go UPS next day air until I saw the price.

The interview was cut short with Kim Jong-un on the count of the Knicks, Lakers game had just started.

Not one to just sit around and wait for someone else to do something…we here at the Toast-Dispatch made a call to UPS and had them Reroute the shipment to a new address: 1060 W Addison St. Chicago, IL 60613 …This should kill two birds with one stone….Kim Jong-un will put the Chicago Cubs out of their misery and take out Dennis Rodman at the same time.

Pure Genius! …Thanks Kim!

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