Little Known Initiatives Keep Blues Fans Guessing

operation overhype

Preparing for the Playoffs, Ken Hitchcock launches Operation: Overhype.

With another win tonight, the St Louis Blues are one step closer to their next playoff berth.  But before finishing out the season, the Blues still have an important job to get done – one known as ‘Operation Overhype’.

Not many Blues fans know that the secret operation exists, yet year after year the Blues use the same playbook to screw with their fans’ heads.

Operation Overhype is just the first of two initiatives that the Blues have come to rely on year after year. Phase II, Operation Letdown, always kicks off in the first round of the playoffs. 

“The plan works year in and year out, and the fans stick around. SO we’re not planning on changing it,” said Blues owner Tom Stillman. “We suspect that eventually the fans will catch on, but until then why fix what ain’t broke?”

The plan has caught attention of other sports clubs, too. In fact, Operation Overhype has been adopted by the Major League baseball club Chicago Cubs this year, and their marketing group has really embraced the idea fully.

“This is our year! We’ll finally break the Curse!  The National Media loves our money- I mean, loves us!”

– Filthy Cubs Propaganda

“We really like what the Blues have done, and we haven’t won since 1908, so this is a great way for us to increase ticket sales without any sort of post-season promise,” said Shelly Beanaker, the Cubs’ marketing coordinator.

With Saint Louis losing a professional football team earlier this year, the Blues have really had to step up their game when it comes to keeping fans engaged. Winning 6 in a row with 4 shutouts, Operation Overhype is in full effect. But with the city’s top sport kicking off in just another week, the Blues season will soon just be another letdown in the minds of many fans.

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