The following is a scene from the upcoming blockbuster movie, “MacArmstrong!”, which will be in theaters on March 5th.

Tom Stillman: “Holy smokes MacArmstrong!  The trade deadline is almost here, what are we going to do!”

Doug MacArmstrong: “Everyone keep it together!  If we’re going to make a Cup run, and we ARE going to make a Cup run, then we need to focus up!”

Ken Hitchcock: “Hurry up, we only have 15 days left before the deadline!”

MacArmstrong: “I’ve got it!  Hitch, get me that Ryan Miller guy!”

Hitchcock: “You’ve got it MacArmstrong!”

MacArmstrong: “Now pass me Ryan Callahan!”

Hitchcock: “Ok, got him, now what?”

MacArmstrong: “Stillman, pass me that banana!”

Stillman: “Sure thing MacArmstrong!”

MacArmstrong: “Ok, now ge-”

Hitchcock: “Hang on a second MacArmstrong, are you just doing all this for your fantasy hockey team?”

MacArmstrong: “What’s up?”

At this point, all you Macgyver fans can picture the Scottrade Center blowing up.


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