Marv’s Pre-Game Write-Up: Blues vs. Avalanche (3/8/14)


This time the Blues travel to Denver for a tilt against the  third place Avs. Hitch foregoes the morning skate, telling the boys to watch ‘Mighty Ducks 2’ and arrive at the arena with their mental game correct. Not wanting to disappoint the white haired Adonis, the team abides. It proves a crucial move as the squad continues their high flying, hard hitting, fast paced play from a couple nights before against the Perdators. Even Reaver gets in on the action in the first period, dipsy-doodling around former Blue Erik Johnson before sending it top shelf over Varlamov’s shoulder.  Nathan McKinnon shows he’s no slouch, though, and he answers Reaves with his own dazzling display of stickwork, managing to slide it under Miller’s pads. A dry second period leads to some emotional speeches from both sides, and both teams come out buzzing for the final period.

With a dozen seconds left in the period, Alex Steen corrals a stretch pass from Polak and busts in all alone… For a brief moment, he sees Team Iceland’s goalie instead of Varlamov. He knows the deal. It’s triple deke time. Varlamov is no moron, though. He’s seen the movies. He counts it off. “That’s one….that’s two…” Varlamov can’t believe he’s about to imitate Julie the Cat from the Mighty Ducks. “…That’s three…” Steen stops. He rips a supersonic slapper glove side (as fancy players often do). Varlamov’s glove raises. He smirks, thinking the scene played out exactly like the movie; Steen grins ear to ear and points to the net with his stick. A smoldering hole is left in Varlamov’s glove where the puck flew through, along with a hole in the net, the puck is lodged in the boards, partially melted.

Expecting an eagle any moment, Steen continually checks the arena for signs of an epic entrance. It didn’t come, and Steener felt a tinge of sadness. However his sadness would be brief, as his gloves began glowing with a golden aura. Everyone in the arena hears vague voices of ancient Swedish gods. Before he can react, Steen feels the ice rise below him. In mere seconds, the rising ice causes Steen to crash through the Pepsi Center’s roof, unharmed of course, and it is then that he realizes: He’s perched upon the shoulder of a mighty ice giant. Steen looks and says, “But Jermaine, I don’t have time to party in Denver!” Jermaine looks towards the north and says, “Denver? No, no pal. We’re heading to Minnesota.”



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