Marv’s Pre-Game Write-Up: Blues vs. Oilers (3/13/2014)


With the bitterness of the OT loss to Dallas fresh on their tongues, the team storms out of the gates against the squad from up north. David Perron’s mind is blown when David Backes has him lined up for a real spine shaking hit, but instead offers him a bouquet of lillies. “Be at peace, my friend” Backes says in French. Totally stunned by Captain America’s actions, Professor Scribbles drifts into a daydream of unicorns and bubblegum clouds. When he returns from his daydream, the Blues have put two in the net, and he’s on the bench with Fasth replacing him in net.

“What in the goofballs was THAT, Benjamin?!” barks Eakins.

Wordlessly, Scrivens touches Eakins on the temples with his palms, and the fantastical vision immediately downloads in Eakins’s dome.

“I can’t…I can’t believe what I’ve just seen,” mutters the coach. In his absence, the Note put in another 3 as the team scrambled on the ice, coachless. The third period buzzer sounds. The Blues take home another win by a landslide, but the Oilers netminder and coach can do nothing except shake Backes’s hand and utter, “just…thank beautiful, beautiful man.” A bit confused, Backes shrugs it off, turns to the crowd, and fist pumps, exactly like the end of The Breakfast Club. Credits start rolling as some 80s pop song plays…I don’t know probably something by Aqua or Madonna or Big Country.

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