Matheny says Rosenthal is Closer for Life


Cardinals manager Mike Matheny confirmed his undying trust in closer Trevor Rosenthal last night.  After coming in and blowing another save with the chance to win the game in the 9th, Rosenthal headed back to the dugout to talk to Matheny.

“Look Mike,” Began Rosenthal, “I don’t know if I should keep pitching in these situations, I just don’t have it right now.”  Matheny responded: “It’s OK Trevor, I didn’t want to win the game in 9 innings anyway.”

Rosenthal is 4th in the league in saves, however he has also allowed 4 runs in his last 3 appearances, leads the league in blown saves, and is tied for most walks by a closer.

When asked if any of these stats were things to worry about, Matheny told us: “I’ve made a new rule, being a closer is now much like being a King, your rule is for life.  So until Trevor needs a walker and can’t hobble up to the mound anymore, or is assassinated, he’s our man.  Players must also now address him as ‘His Majesty’.”

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