Mission: Impossible – 12 Rings


Bader Ball - Fowler Out

Or Mission: Impossible – Fowler Out

The Cardinals Mission Impossible franchise has produced hit after heart pounding hit and now this latest incarnation in the Cardinal Mission series, “Mission: Impossible – 12 Rings” aims to please.

This action thriller begins with Harrison Bader, played by (Tom Cruise), standing in a Triple-A clubhouse reaching in his locker for some deodorant when his man perfume starts talking to him: Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to bring a 12th World Series ring to the Cardinals.

Of course, Bader says, “I do” and heads to St. Louis, but, not without first assembling his team of rookie agents – Hudson, Gomber, PonceDelon and O’Neil.

Bader arrives in St. Louis and quickly realizes that Mike Matheny, played by (Mike Matheny) has gone rogue, culminating in a meaty brawl between the two atop the Arch.  Mike finds himself dangling over the edge of the silver-plated icon and is eventually released, as our antagonist falls to his death he is heard howling for Greg Holland to come out of the bullpen and save him – good luck with that.

With Matheny out of the way, director Bill Dewitt III (J.J. Abrams) tosses us a plot twist when John Mozeliak (Solomon Lane) kidnaps the St. Louis Cardinal Hall of Famers with the intent of removing all their DNA and infusing it into a jar of Carps “Salsa”.

Of course, this movie has a plethora of the super-human Bader, who runs, drives, dives, flips, flies, falls and repeatedly teeter-totters on the edge of disaster along with his love interest, the go-to sexy sideline reporter Erica Weston (Vanessa Kirby).

The “Mission: Impossible” toolbox of techy tricks does not disappoint – Exploding Chewing Tobacco, Centerfield Wall Climbing Gecko Gloves, Remote Control Clydesdales, the list goes on.

No spoiler alerts will be issued here.  You will have to watch the clock tick down with the rest of us as the 2018 action-packed season heads toward its climactic end.

I give this latest installment of Cardinal Mission Impossible Baseball – 8 Bader Balls.



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