MLB fans to wear blindfolds in protest of ‘escalating crappy calls’ from Umpires

mlb fans blindfold

MLB fans protest umpires by wearing blindfolds to the game.

Saturday afternoon, the MLB umpires union announced umpires around the league will wear white wristbands to protest an increase in verbal abuse from players around the league. The protest comes after umpire Angel Hernandez was ripped by Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler last week.

Immediately afterward, fans of Major League Baseball announced they would protest the umpires union protest by wearing blindfolds over their eyes at the next game.  We caught up with a few fans filtering into PNC Park before the first pitch of today’s Pirates vs Cardinals matchup.

A protester told us: “We figured we’d get in the ump’s shoes for a game, you know, see the game how they see it…  So naturally, we all got blindfolds.”  The protester walked headfirst into a lamp post after the interview was concluded.

“I’m actually just here to watch the umps. I like it when they eject those gosh darn flashy players.”

-Old Man Jenkins

“Fans don’t pay $50 for a ticket so they can see umpire Gerry Davis eject Beltre over an on-deck circle when he’s nearing 3,000 hits.  Let the game be about baseball.”

“If the players are getting more verbal about ejections, maybe there is a problem that needs to be discussed, instead of just protested.”  Said a fan who afterward was ejected from the stadium by an eavesdropping umpire.

“I’m actually just here to watch the umps. I like it when they eject those gosh darn flashy players.  No one likes fun, I certainly don’t!”  A senile old man who no one really cared for had to say.

Over 120,000 fans across the nation are expected to participate in the protest of the umpires protest.  Whether or not this will lead to more protests is yet to be determined.

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