Netflix Removes Movies You Want To Watch


Ever wonder why every movie you want to stream on Netflix is either non existent or “DVD only”?

It turns out that Netflix uses your Google search history along with your recent watched movies to remove movies and TV shows that you may be interested in watching.

But it gets worse, Netflix also goes to nearby Blockbusters, RedBoxes and even some Schnucks checkout isles, and purchases all copies of movies you couldn’t find on Netflix.

Every Friday Netflix HQ has a party and burns all the DVDs they collected in a massive bonfire.

When asked why they would go to such great lengths to keep customers from watching the shows they want, the Netflix CEO replied: “Once upon a time, I wanted to watch some re-runs of old shows on TV, but I couldn’t find it on any, so I started Netflix, just so I could make people feel the PAIN. the AGONY, that I felt that night.  If I can’t watch what I want when I want, then neither can anyone else!”

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