NHL Claims no Interference on Blackhawks Goal

blackhawks tank small

Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks commandeers a tank in preparation of running Blues goalie Brian Elliott over.

Despite Blues goaltender Brian Elliott being run over by a literal tank, referees on the ice did not call goaltender interference.  Elliott was taken to the locker room for immediate surgery while the Blackhawks celebrated their “good hockey goal”.

Head Coach Ken Hitchcock immediately challenged the goal for goaltender interference, however after a “thorough” review, the NHL reported back they found no wrong with the play.

“Well, I mean the Blackhawks did it, so it must be a hockey play, right?”

– NHL Referee

Shortly before the Blackhawks goal, a tally that put the Blues up 2-1 was called back when Jori Lehtera was declared offsides by 0.001mm, it was only offsides after the fact due to a challenge by the Blackhawks’ coach Quenneville, naturally.

After the Blackhawks went up 2-1 with “tank goal”, Blues forward Robby Fabbri was retroactively given an embellishment penalty for being steamrolled into a pancake by the treads of the Blackhawks tank.

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