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Well it’s that time again. The 2013 NHL Playoffs are upon us.
And as Blues fans we approach this season as we have the past forty six seasons with hushed anxiety in anticipation of what lie ahead – overwhelming, crushing, defeat.

It has been, not if, but when and who, will be the team to eradicate our hopes and dreams.

But as all true Blue fans know, where there is life there is always hope.

And this post-season certainly shapes up to be tantalizing proposition, an epic, cosmic collision of probability and possibilities…where no TRUE BLUE FAN has ever gone – to drink the sweet nectar of victory from Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Certainly the writing is on the wall: Youth balanced with experience; skill in perfect harmony with determination; and some other third thing to be determined by history.

These attributes will drive the Blues deep into the playoffs…into faraway places that the present day organization, players and fans have rarely traveled.

Their journey will bring them upon fallen heroes from the past – Brett Hull, Wayne Gretzky, Al MacInnis, next…Bernie Federko, Brian Sutter…as they traverse deeper into the playoffs they respectfully pause to pay tribute to the bones of Dickie Moore, Doug Harvey, Glenn Hall and Jacques Plante. As they emerge from the battle of the conference finals they stand before the clear, gleaming glare of Lord Stanley; and pause as the team turns one last time to observe all those true Blue warriors who have fallen in the past.

Then with determination pressed upon their hearts and minds they move as one toward a common goal – Lord Stanley and have mercy on the antagonist who falls on their sword as a sacrifice to a singular inspiration – The St. Louis Blues are the 2013 Stanley Cup Champions.

Lumpy Rutherford – www.toastdispatch.com

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