NHL Renames Stadium Series to Blackhawk Series


Today the NHL announced that the Chicago Blackhawks will take on the Minnesota Wild as part of the 2016 Stadium Series.

This will be the 4th outdoor game Chicago has participated in since 2009.


Blackhawks 2015 Stadium Series jerseys. Complete with matching skirt.

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Towes told us: “I’m really glad we got another outdoor game for the second straight year, Kane and I were really getting worried we’d have to do something awful, like wait until other teams had played in even one outdoor game.  I just hope our uniforms don’t include a skirt like last time.”

At this point 33% of the league has yet to take part in an outdoor game, while the Hawks lead all teams with 4 appearances.

We asked NHL commissioner Gary Bettman about this. “What?  There are teams other than Chicago and Pittsburg?”  Asked a startled Bettman, “Nobody told me that!  Look, I feel like we’ve been neglecting the Hawks lately, so we’ve just completed signing a contract with them that will ensure they are featured in every outdoor game until the turn of the 21st century, we’re also renaming the Stadium Series to the Blackhawk Series.  That way we can avoid any confusion about who will be featured in it year in and year out.


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