Rally Squirrel Joins Blues As New Goalie!

Rally Goalie

Salutations fellow Blues fans!  Today is a day of great rejoicing!  As the off-season begins the Blues have resigned a few players, but those pale in comparison with their latest addition to the team.

After negotiations with the St. Louis Cardinals, and their marketing department, the St. Louis Blues announced this afternoon that the famed Rally Squirrel, from the Cardinals 2011 World Series run, has agreed to be the new #1 goalie for the Blues!

Doug Armstrong, the Blues GM, said “We know many people expected us to go after Ryan Miller, but come on! how many other teams could say they have a squirrel as their goalie!  We expect a great season out of the Rally Squirrel, and hopefully he will get to be the first non-human to get their name engraved on Lord Stanley’s Cup!”.

“We weren’t quite sure where he had got too after 2011” Said David Freese,  “We knew he would turn up again someday, I’m glad to see that he is in STL again, but we sure could have used him last year against the Giants…”

The Rally Squirrel will wear number 11 on his jersey and is said to be starting the first game of the 2013 – 2014 season.

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