/r/Baseball Trade Deadline – Day 2 Recap


Note: This post is part of a week long mock trade deadline event on www.reddit.com/r/baseball, regularly scheduled parody content will resume shortly!


The RLBPA is born.

Day 2 of the /r/Baseball Trade Deadline saw some interesting developments, including the creation of the Reddit League Baseball Player’s Association (RLBPA), in reaction to the treatment of /u/KwanzaaSanta by /r/NYYankees.

/u/KwanzaaSanta was banished to the defunct /r/Expos by the /r/NYYankees Front Office.  The Yankees claimed this was a fair move as /u/KwanzzaSanta failed to specify the retired /r/Expos in his No Trade Clause.

The RLBPA released the following statement:

*walks up to podium*

Due to the actions of the /r/NYYankees front office against both /u/KaufKaufKauf and /u/KwanzaaSanta , the RLBPA has no choice but to ask for a hearing, to be conducted immediately, with /u/DeadlineCommisioner to address removal of /r/NYYankees management.

We will not stand by as our users are so egregiously mistreated and expect the Commissioner to do the right thing and bring a swift and just resolution to this issue.

If there are any questions, I will take them now.

To which the Commissioner, /u/DeadlineCommish replied:

Who the hell are you?

While the League does not currently recognize the RLBPA, they are working hard to improve rights for users and avoid further abuse.


/u/SFer gets around


/u/SFer has been getting around quite a lot this trade deadline.  Here’s a breakdown of his movements so far:

  1. SFer is traded from the Athletics to the Phillies, for a player To Be Announced.
  2. Phillies announce that the player TBA is, in fact, SFer.  Sent back to the Athletics.
  3. Traded to the Padres in a 13 team mega deal.
  4. As the final move in the 13 trade deal, the Padres send SFer BACK to the Athletics AGAIN.

The goal of /r/OaklandAthletics seems to be to have SFer moved to every MLB team without ever actually trading him.



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